Welcome to Signature Sports Massage! Whether you are looking for a relaxing deep tissue massage or hoping to target specific muscle groups with a sports massage, I can help! I am dedicated to providing my clients with the highest quality of care for all joint and muscle pain relief.


We have a new office at 1251 N Eddy St. Suite 200 in South Bend. We are still appointment-only so please continue to book appointments ahead of time.

Micah is the best! Great for athletes and non athletes alike. Gift cards for his massages are my favorite gift idea but treat yourself first.

– Lori Schrad

Massage Services

I offer several techniques, tailored to suit a variety of needs. Check out the details below to see which best fit what you are looking for!

Sports Massage

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a weekend jogger, sports massages can be targeted to you and your specific athletic needs. Athletes from all over the world have discovered that specially designed sports massages help promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, excelerate injury healing, prevent injuries, and prepare their body and mind for optimal performance.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage aims at helping release those chronic knots and built up tension in muscles. It can help your muscles relax, improve your posture, reduce stress, and relieve pain all while lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.


Around for thousands of years, cupping therapy offers many advantages including better blood flow and circulation to muscles and tissue, supplying oxygen to cells, loosening knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins by creating suction or a vacuum on specific parts of a patient’s body with cups that help draw blood to the areas that need healing.

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I offer different packages to meet everyone’s needs. Choose one below that is right for you!

1/2 Hour

Only recommended if there is a single targeted area that needs work.

1 1/2 Hours

Perfect for multiple targeted areas or extra long full body massage.

2 Hours

Split between two people at the same location or for those who have many problem areas.

* Pricing is the same for both regular and sports massage.